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Welcome to the new Soyana online shop!

PETA Vegan Food Award 2020We are happy to offer you the Soyana organic gourmet foods online - directly and fresh from Switzerland, with the maximum shelf life from production.
They are certified organic in Switzerland by CH-BIO-004, CH-BIO-006 and in Germany by DE-ÖKO-006:
For logistical reasons, we can deliver only once a week. Orders received by 12:00 noon Monday will be delivered in Germany the same week, usually on Thursday.
Orders received after 12:00 noon Monday, will be delivered one week later, usually on Thursday.
Delivery in the other EU countries takes usually one day longer
On holidays, there may be changes, which we will communicate here on the website.

Almost the entire Soyana assortment is available to you with the latest novelties, such as the popular gluten-free organic Biokömmlich rolls and “Ich bin kein Fleischkäse", vegan German sausage loaf. Unfortunately, we can not ship the Swiss drinks in 1l carton packs and the Chi in 1l glass bottles, because the risk of transport damage is too high.

We wish you lots of fun with the soyana organic food!
Your Soyana team

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